Going Mobile

thThe Wall Street Journal last Friday reported that more than half of all page views of online real estate listings now occur on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, overtaking traditional desktop searches especially in high-end markets like here on Bainbridge Island. And, mobile users make five times as many property searches as web users.

Here at Coldwell Banker McKenzie, we give every listing its own individual webpage, and we imbed our promotional print material (flyers, ads, etc.) with a QR code that takes the mobile user directly to a mobile-friendly page that can actually be read. So if you stop in front of one of our listings, just scan the QR code on the yard sign or flyer and you can get all the information about it, including dozens of photos.

You can download a QR reader app for free, then just hold your device’s camera over the code until it reads it. QR stands for Quick Response, and that’s what you get.

Any web page can have a QR code, but many real estate companies don’t have mobile-friendly sites, nor do they have individual web pages for each listing.

And here’s the QR code for this blog, BasicallyBainbridge: bb blue short qr